Only a 9-year-old would dream that a lemonade stand could free 500 enslaved children.
What followed became so much bigger. After seeing a photo of two enslaved boys in Nepal,
Vivienne Harr is moved to help in the only way she knows how: by setting up her lemonade stand.
With the goal of freeing 500 children from a life of slavery, she sets up her stand every day, rain or shine.

As Vivienne's vision begins to show promise for something greater,
her community stands with her — and she develops her own Social Purpose Company.
In telling Vivienne's story, #standwithme examines the realities of modern-day slavery,
the role we play in it as consumers, and the importance of knowing the story behind what we buy.


#standwithme is an invitation for all of us to do our part and put an end to slavery worldwide. Join us!